By all means, thy Reader, when you shelter thy glance upon my humble writings, do keep in mind that this blog centers upon ideas, questions and meditations. It is also a personal gallery of paintings and photos.

May 6, 2012

Another echo

Maliciousness is consonant with frustration. So I have learned. One does not engage in dissing someone for no reason. We have grown accustomed to the malevolence around us. We criticize it, we condemn it, but most of us end overridden by it.
No conclusion needed. Just rehab.

May 4, 2012

My kind of Google

Today Google celebrates an artist. It is a special day for myself, too. 90 years ago my spiritual mentor was born – Vlad Musatescu. Today I celebrate him. Few people have heard about him and fewer have read his books. Each year on the 4th of May I hope to connect with other people that have been touched by his existence. People who have learned that life must be lived joyfully and by constantly ignoring drawbacks.

Maestrica, tare ne este dor de dumneata !