By all means, thy Reader, when you shelter thy glance upon my humble writings, do keep in mind that this blog centers upon ideas, questions and meditations. It is also a personal gallery of paintings and photos.

June 28, 2012


Why must I not
ask about
diamonds and rats,
castles and hats?

No Jack of diamonds
Is going to believe that
You’ve stolen the parrots,
and suddenly got mad.

I’ve seen all the feathers,
dropped in the sand.
You’ve tickled the bearers,
Then grubbled the land.

Spades, hearts and decks.
The jumble of feelings
Goes out of hand
And all out of meaning.

Imagine the dices,
The poor Queen of hearts.
Then tell me your vices
And their form of art.

June 23, 2012

Moon River

Pink leaves on a riverbank. Moonbeam gently caressing the silent sleep of a deer. The grass slightly moving by the touch of a misty wind. A star flickering on the top of a fir. A rabbit perking up its ears in order to hear where the other rabbits have run to. A cloud smiling at a firefly. A butterfly sleeping on a yellow mushroom. Two owls flying in the sky. A hedgehog and a turtle stuck on a path in the woods.  

There is such a world to see…

June 20, 2012

White frogs dancing in the sky

White frogs dancing in the sky.
I saw them once, when I was ten.
It’s just a game of you and I
And a remembrance of then.

They’re holding hands, and jumping,
And laughing at the noisy birds.
Don’t bother now restructuring
What you believed when you were kids!

White frogs dancing in the sky.
Be still, and breathe the current view.
And all you have, don’t question why!
Just taste the courage of the few.

They’ve started yelling at the rain,
But then again, rainbow would come.
And clean the blisters and the pain,
And weave the future with a comb.

White frogs dancing in the sky.
Be sure to find what you expect.
And all in all, they’ll bear you out,
Then it is you who must you not neglect!

June 18, 2012

While in fashion

Elie Saab

Emilio Pucci

Mila Schon

June 14, 2012


I was told that my approach is totally wrong. What good does it do if I only know what I do not want?! Thus, I was forced into grabbing a blank page and I was left there until I would write some of the things I do want. Faced with a blank page I did what I usually do. I started drawing on it. I was scolded, so I stopped.
It was hard, but I managed writing a few things. And I have come to a conclusion. Life is a dance. A sort of minuet. And since you know the moves (what you want), you would better take small steps in order not to get out of tune.

June 13, 2012

Ana Cristina Leonte and Michael Acker

Two days ago I went at a jazz concert. It was magnificent. A blend of guitar, violin and an angel-like voice.
I would post one of the few links that there exist on Google, but the sound does not reflect reality.

June 9, 2012


Amsterdam is a city that caters for every possible need: wonderful parks where you can take a stroll or you can jog; beautiful buildings; attractive canals; nice people, but risky sidewalks (one has to look out for bikes); inspiring cheese stores; good food, but not that much variety of restaurants; tea; delicious stroopwafels; good beer and great coffee.

 Central Station
 Must love cheese

June 5, 2012


There is a tree outside your bedroom. A tree once indulged in silence. Now, all is swish. Branches, leaves, buds, flowers, all whisper. The murmur has been ignored. Until now.
Suddenly, a woodpecker has changed the tune. The murmur has been transformed into a constant hammering. A scared hedgehog was seen running for its life, while a squirrel snarled at the noisy intruder. Cut the coat according to the cloth, said the hedgehog, and kept running until it disappeared behind a rose bush.