By all means, thy Reader, when you shelter thy glance upon my humble writings, do keep in mind that this blog centers upon ideas, questions and meditations. It is also a personal gallery of paintings and photos.

October 26, 2012

The stars that fall...

Today I read an interview with Dan Teodorescu - the soloist of Taxi, a Romanian band.
I particularly liked his decency, wittiness and the following answer:

- Do you believe that love lasts forever? Aren't you afraid that one day it will end? 

- I have no choice, I must believe in it, I am too afraid of being afraid.  

October 23, 2012

Short furs

I found these on and I absolutely love them.

October 18, 2012


Indecision is like being in a cage. Except that there are no bars. Nevertheless, you feel trapped, insecure and scared. The word indecision is in itself scary. Mostly because in front of the word decision you have the preposition in. Well, you do not know what to do and you already are in decision. That has got to be puzzling!

October 17, 2012

Like salt in food

This children’s story is a token of my youth.
It remembers me of the time when I was little and my mum used to make me read all kind of stories and tell them to her in the evening, while she was cooking dinner for us.
It remembers me of my grandmother. She used to keep sugar and salt in big jars. She liked to use halite for cooking, and indeed her cooking was very tasty.
One time, one of my cousins asked her to make us rice with milk. She started making it, but she had to leave the kitchen and asked my cousin to pour some sugar on the boiling rice.
My cousin took one of the jars and put more sugar than our grandma advised him to.
At the end, when we wanted to eat the dessert, we noticed that it was not sweet, but salty.
Actually, very salty.

October 12, 2012

Magnificent on a Friday night

U2- Magnificent

I was trapped in my daily thoughts, when this song started playing on my computer. I glanced at myself in the window-pane and so I realized:
Magnificent is
- to survive a whole week of stress;
- to sip champagne from a Martini glass;
- to have ideas bumping around one's head about new paintings, photos, drawings that will inspire even the little ones (to sing, actually);
- to enjoy a Friends episode (even if one has seen that particular episode for at least three times);
- to dream about a future trip to Prague;
- to have popcorn, oranges and ice cream at a hand's distance.

October 5, 2012


Monemvasia is a splendid village. You can park your car at its entrance (there is only one entrance to it. In fact, Monemvasia means one entry) and enjoy hiking the narrow streets of the village, and climbing until the well kept walls of a rocky kastro.