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December 27, 2011

Liviu Vasilica - Pe ulita de mi-e drag

December 23, 2011

Music is...

All of my dear ones create the music I live by.

Eros Ramazzotti - Musica e

musica è
la danza regolare
di tutti i tuoi respiri su di me
la festa dei tuoi occhi
appena mi sorridi
tu e il suono delle labbra tue
tu sempre di più
quell’armonia raggiunta in due
ti ascolterò perché
sei musica per me, per me

io sento ancora le voci
della strada dove son nato
mia madre quante volte mi
avrà chiamato ma era più
forte il grido di libertà
e sotto il sole che fulmina
i cortili le corse polverose
dei bambini che di giocare
non la smettono più
io sento ancora cantare
in dialetto, le ninne nanne
di pioggia sul tetto
tutto questo per me
questo dolce arpreggiare
è musica da ricordare
è dentro di me...
fa parte di me...
cammina con me... è

musica è
l’amico che ti parla
quando ti senti solo
sai che una mano puoi trovarla
è... musica è
da conservare,
da salvare insieme a te

December 22, 2011


A few months ago my nephew used to call any lighted bulb as moon.

Christmas is almost here and whenever I hear carols, I remember the lights of the Christmas tree from my uncle's house. I do not know why, but the lights installation in his house seemed magical. I used to watch it in silence while I was perking up my ears, hoping to catch uncle G. slipping the present right in my hands. I loved spending Christmas day in uncle G.'s house. Maybe because of the happy face my father had when together with his brother, my uncle, started carolling. They usually sang old carols, honoring the memories they had together.

All around people are talking about Christmas spirit, about the goodness and joy, about giving, and most of all about cherishing. I cannot say for certain if I trully understand the Christmas spirit, but I surely have memories to keep it alive.


December 20, 2011

Rough diamond ready to shine

Lisa found me one day in a secret hidding place. John had left me there. Tired. He did not say it, anyway not to my face, but I knew that he was having a hard time trying to commit.

Everybody knows that in order to shine, a diamond must be polished every now and then. It is not enough to make promises. On the contrary, I should say I am against any pompous vow. But most of all, I think it is better to stop if one feels that one is "giving" too much.

There is no secret ingredient, nor is there any perfect recipe to a successful relationship. I think that a relationship should constantly go through an examination. Almost as thorough as a medical checkup. Moreover, partners should be able to equal their efforts in a relationship. And each of them should watch over the other's goals and needs.

I am a diamond. Therefore, it is easier for me to see love/ relationships from a pragmatic point of view. I must shine, I must be polished. To this end, I want to keep company with light-lovers that are not afraid of a dusting cloth.

December 19, 2011

Today's issue: 30 roses

I was very sleepy this morning on my way to the office. But my sleep was chased away by a conversation between two men. Apparently, they could not decide upon the proper number of roses to give to a woman. One claimed that considering her coming of age, thirty is a good number. Then, of course, the issue of color was debated, and the meaning of each.
I did not have the chance to witness to the end of their conversation as they got off one stop before I did. But I very much enjoyed it. And they say men are not thoughtful...

December 14, 2011

December 12, 2011


Arad is a sonnet of 15 lines. It is a beautiful mingle of European and Romanian, of quiet and noise, of traditional and modern. Arad has its own charm, but if I may have to describe it I would say that it is a little bit of Oradea, Alba Iulia and Sibiu. I had the most wonderful stay at Pensiunea Christiana, which is not very close to the centre of the city, but is very clean and cozy, and the staff there is really nice and hospitable.

December 8, 2011


Yesterday I saw a snail jumping out of a window. He was happy. Happy to finally try out the sensational bungee-jumping. I met him afterwards at a dinner table. He was sitting right next to Robin Hood. He told me that he had given it a lot of thought and decided upon joining a different kind of Army. I asked him if he really still believed in the power of good. Snail told me he was fed up with such a question, turned on his spirally coiled shell and flew off using his stalked eyes.

Since then I have been hearing about various attacks upon rich people. And about snails.

December 7, 2011


A lightbulb got lost in an orchard. An orange orchard. He was hanging out with some schoolmates and on their way to the sea, they found an orange orchard. As they entered, slowly the dusk was falling. All the leaves and fruits glowed redly as touched by a ferocious fire. One of his friends stopped by the smallest orange tree and laughed at its tiny leaves and fruitless branches. Then he turned left and run off to spy on a lark.
Our friend, the lightbulb, got stocked in a cobweb and while he was struggling to find his way out of it, he heard the little orange tree crying. Moved by its sobbing, the lightbulb got closer and closer to the orange tree and tried to utter some calming words. But he could not, somehow. And as he sat there, near one of its branches, the orange tree reached out to the lightbulb and thanked him for the light.
And so they engaged in conversation