By all means, thy Reader, when you shelter thy glance upon my humble writings, do keep in mind that this blog centers upon ideas, questions and meditations. It is also a personal gallery of paintings and photos.

November 29, 2012


I have a nephew. An extraordinary one. This is how I can explain the fact that he likes sleeping at noon. And most of all, in the kindergarten.
I have a terrible craving for baked potatoes.
I started developing a friendship with cats.
I stopped underestimating the power of stupid people.
A soup is tastier if you add some lovage at the end.
Last Sunday I rode a bike. For the first time.
The sweet smell of jasmine tobacco reminds me of my grandmother.

In point of fact,
this isn’t an update.
I wrote while I was trying to act
And not at all to motivate.

November 20, 2012


For there's no mask
without the purple blame.
which cuddles into soft erosion,
a wise man whispered in the morning,
in an oblivious, but yet soared motion.

I looked around me.
And at myself.
And realized the stage I'm on.
'cause there's no mirror and no stones.
But only masks to look upon.

I searched for answers
and I was told:
"Despair not at their heavy tone,
and keep your mask forever on".

November 17, 2012

The Almighty Red

Two people I love: Jennifer Lopez dressed by Michael Kors. All in Vogue.