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July 1, 2012


I remember the first time I saw some pictures of the Suleymaniye Mosque and of the Blue Mosque. I was in high school. And the pictures had impressed me so much that I have not been able to stop dreaming about visiting Istanbul. Until now, when I finally visited it. It was worth waiting.
The Turks are nice people and they surely are the best merchants. Also, the Turkish food is probably the best food in the world. There are beautiful stores with nice merchandise, and from my point of view, they are far more interesting than the Grand Bazaar. Everywhere around there are kebabs and sweets shops. The offer is magnificent. And delicious.
When in Istanbul, you most go to Galatasaray neighborhood for some drinks. It is the most high-spirited area I have ever seen. Also, there was a match between Besiktas and Fenerbahce. And after the game was over and Besiktas won, its supporters went out the streets and carried most proudly its flag. The cars were speeding on the avenues and someone would come out of the window and stream the flag screaming who knows what in Turkish. They were not violent, as I would have expected from the sports news I have seen in the past. They were just happy that their team won and they were expressing that wonderful joy. Waiters would also come at the table and cherish their joy with the diners. It was a wonderful experience of people united in joy.
                                                                           Hagia Sophia

Street art

Dolmabache Palace


Galatasaray Tower

Kingdom of cats

Stove tile

Nice restaurants

The Blue Mosque

Hagia Sophia seen from the Blue Mosque

Suleymaniye Mosque

Galatasaray Neighborhood

Galatasaray Tower by night

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