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September 21, 2012

Customer Relations

Rough times are coming for us, clients. Recent events can only lead me to this conclusion.
Let’s take, for example, a simple company. A provider of cable television and internet. After signing the contract, in a few days, some installers came to my house. None the less, the issue was not that what was contracted between myself, the client, and the company was not installed due to some internal communication failure (fact which I had to grow accustomed to, I was advised), but I was also talked down to and verbally aggressed. So I hurried down to the company’s office. I was astonished to find out that I could not submit a complaint to the Customer Relations office. And contrary to all expectations, I had to submit it to the Commercial Department. At least ten persons were waiting in line in front of the aforementioned department. As I did not have time, I decided upon sending it by e-mail. What a shock! The company’s website made it almost impossible to send a complaint. Therefore, I made a telephone call, I received another e-mail address and, finally, my complaint was sent. In less than a week I received the other equipment, which I was warned that I would not receive sooner than 3 to 6 months.
Another exquisite example would be tenant, which is a sort of client. Afterwards, the same principles are involved.
Two days after moving into an apartment, I discovered that my automatic washing machine was actually of the manually operated kind. Moreover, it would start and stop whenever it would want. Bonus, at the end (whenever that came) the washing would not be wrung. Which is actually perfect. In the summer. Most of all, because one gets the chance to wash the balcony also. But during winter? Oh, that could be a little bit complicated. So I talked about it with the owner. Besides, I had two other problems: a door handle coming out from the door to the bedroom and water running in the toilet bowl.
So I was fortunate. The owner sent two plumbers to the rescue. Two plumbers which she constantly collaborates with.
The first one handled the handle. Mostly. After half an hour, he left in a hurry, whispering from the elevator that the door handle was fixed. So it was. Until next morning, when it was not. As it fell down.
The second one. Well, let’s call him the talkative one. He entered the apartment as in his own living room. Seemingly, he had some affairs to fix here in the past. I explained, he seemed to listen. Then he started working. Silently, he finished his work and called the owner from the bathroom. Everything was set and fixed.
In a couple of days I had the same problem with the toilet. As the “talkative” was away, I was to receive advice through the phone.
In the meantime, there was talk about a new washing machine. Then, the owner changed her mind as they were too pricey. But still, I am to receive another one. Hoping it will be an automatic machine this time.
And all in all, I wish customer support would be more efficient. What happened with: What can I do to help you? or with How can I be of service?

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