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October 17, 2012

Like salt in food

This children’s story is a token of my youth.
It remembers me of the time when I was little and my mum used to make me read all kind of stories and tell them to her in the evening, while she was cooking dinner for us.
It remembers me of my grandmother. She used to keep sugar and salt in big jars. She liked to use halite for cooking, and indeed her cooking was very tasty.
One time, one of my cousins asked her to make us rice with milk. She started making it, but she had to leave the kitchen and asked my cousin to pour some sugar on the boiling rice.
My cousin took one of the jars and put more sugar than our grandma advised him to.
At the end, when we wanted to eat the dessert, we noticed that it was not sweet, but salty.
Actually, very salty.

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