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December 7, 2011


A lightbulb got lost in an orchard. An orange orchard. He was hanging out with some schoolmates and on their way to the sea, they found an orange orchard. As they entered, slowly the dusk was falling. All the leaves and fruits glowed redly as touched by a ferocious fire. One of his friends stopped by the smallest orange tree and laughed at its tiny leaves and fruitless branches. Then he turned left and run off to spy on a lark.
Our friend, the lightbulb, got stocked in a cobweb and while he was struggling to find his way out of it, he heard the little orange tree crying. Moved by its sobbing, the lightbulb got closer and closer to the orange tree and tried to utter some calming words. But he could not, somehow. And as he sat there, near one of its branches, the orange tree reached out to the lightbulb and thanked him for the light.
And so they engaged in conversation

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