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December 22, 2011


A few months ago my nephew used to call any lighted bulb as moon.

Christmas is almost here and whenever I hear carols, I remember the lights of the Christmas tree from my uncle's house. I do not know why, but the lights installation in his house seemed magical. I used to watch it in silence while I was perking up my ears, hoping to catch uncle G. slipping the present right in my hands. I loved spending Christmas day in uncle G.'s house. Maybe because of the happy face my father had when together with his brother, my uncle, started carolling. They usually sang old carols, honoring the memories they had together.

All around people are talking about Christmas spirit, about the goodness and joy, about giving, and most of all about cherishing. I cannot say for certain if I trully understand the Christmas spirit, but I surely have memories to keep it alive.


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