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December 20, 2011

Rough diamond ready to shine

Lisa found me one day in a secret hidding place. John had left me there. Tired. He did not say it, anyway not to my face, but I knew that he was having a hard time trying to commit.

Everybody knows that in order to shine, a diamond must be polished every now and then. It is not enough to make promises. On the contrary, I should say I am against any pompous vow. But most of all, I think it is better to stop if one feels that one is "giving" too much.

There is no secret ingredient, nor is there any perfect recipe to a successful relationship. I think that a relationship should constantly go through an examination. Almost as thorough as a medical checkup. Moreover, partners should be able to equal their efforts in a relationship. And each of them should watch over the other's goals and needs.

I am a diamond. Therefore, it is easier for me to see love/ relationships from a pragmatic point of view. I must shine, I must be polished. To this end, I want to keep company with light-lovers that are not afraid of a dusting cloth.

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